What we do
We combine intelligence, automation, and strategy into workforce-multiplying capabilities, custom-tailored to fit the way your teams operate
Quadruple Aim Framework
Since passing the Affordable Care Act in 2010, healthcare costs have taken center stage, and by 2018 US healthcare spending passed $3.65 Trillion. With 10,000 people turning 65 every day, the upward pressure on healthcare spending is likely to continue.

As an entity charged with covering healthcare costs, the best way to reduce healthcare spending is to keep your members healthy and out of the hospital. An ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure.

The Quadruple Aim framework clarifies and aligns healthcare organizations’ efforts:
At TeloChain, our mission is to identify and eliminate inefficiencies that hobble healthcare organizations pursuit of the Quadruple Aim framework.
Eliminate Inefficiencies
Excellence in Execution
A sound process eliminates waste, minimizes labor, and realizes full potential value. Process digitization leverages the systems and people vital to your organization, allowing them to work more effectively.
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Process automation
Replace time-consuming and error-prone paperwork and manual data entry with automated data transmission and instantaneous quality control
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System Interoperability
Our solutions not only communicate with all of your existing systems but enable existing systems to communicate with each other and achieve maximum value
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Workforce Productivity
Put your people to work in more fulfilling, skill-oriented, and creative tasks to increase throughput, employee satisfaction, and business performance
Transform Your Process
Data-Driven Foresight
No business or clinical decision should ever be made in the dark. Robust intelligence enables you to concentrate your energies on value-enhancing tasks by adopting and optimizing winning approaches.
Advanced Targeting
Identify the cohorts and scenarios most likely to deliver desired responses to concentrate resources on efforts that deliver results
Success Metrics
Knowing what and how to measure at every step allows you to understand which policies or efforts are moving you forward and why others have failed
Interdisciplinary Vision
Experience and wisdom culled from different firms, industries, and countries provide a richer, more holistic point of view for critical thinking and new ideas
Establish Your Goals
Trust that is Earned
From our own internal systems to the solutions we offer, a culture of security and responsibility is ingrained in our fabric. Cutting-edge security parameters prevent leakage of sensitive data and system intrusion by outside actors.
Data Protection
State-of-the-art encryption and redundancy backups on the technology side with access controls and training on the human side provide the foundation for your data fortress
Security Management
Continuous monitoring, business continuity & disaster recovery, and up-to-date policies ensure that your business services and patient data are safe in our hands
Core Compliance
All of our solutions and security measures comply with the most rigorous standards and frameworks, including HITECH, SOC2, and of course, HIPAA
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