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Using a 200 million lives medical claims database, we apply advanced analytics, clinical research, and data engineering to identify and characterize patient densities, so our clients can deliver better health outcomes for more patients in less time.

Patient Accrual Rescue

When clinical trial patient accrual runs behind schedule, the trial budget can increase by 20% and lost revenue from launch delays can reach $8MM per day. We rescue trials stuck in accrual purgatory.

    Precision Targeting

Frictionless Accrual    

Understand the root causes of slow accrual

In some cases a research site is in a patient desert, where nothing can help. In other cases, the site is perfectly located, but the recruiting efforts are not bearing fruit. Finally, an onerous onboarding process can create a high dropout rate prior to enrollment. By understanding these drivers, we can often identify improvements that your team can implement.

Pooly located sites

Underperforming sites

Optimize research site locations

Using the trial’s inclusion and exclusion criteria and a medical claims database of 200MM lives, we identify the densities of potential subjects throughout the US to identify more optimal site locations and recruit investigators using physicians’ research experience, KOL history, credentials, and publications.

Database of 200MM US lives

Machine learning algorithms

Site selection and referral network

Recruit nearby physicians for patient referrals

Because our data tells us which high-density physicians have relationships with the investigators, we can target and recruit optimal referring physicians for the trial.

Deploy our frictionless onboarding technologies

Our workflow automation platform makes the work fast, easy, and error-free for the referring physicians, patients, investigators, and coordinators, keeping accurate patient records along the along the way.





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Patient Accrual Rescue


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