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Iver Juster Photo
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Iver Juster, MD

Driven by a passion for using data and clinical insight to improve the value (outcomes per dollar) of health care, Dr. Juster provided care for Family Medicine rural and urban patients after graduating from the University of Minnesota Medical School and completing a residency at Kaiser Permanente near Los Angeles. He pursued the goal of personalized and population health as Chief Medical Officer at an oncology electronic medical records developer OpTx2000 (Canada) and later Heads Up (Chicago), a developer of case and disease management software. 

In a series of acquisitions, he joined ActiveHealth Management (New York), a clinical decision support and population health provider and Aetna, guiding design and evaluation of programs in the clinical informatics of health economics, disease management, population health, accountable care organizations and analytics to support evidence-based clinical and financial decisions related to pharmaceuticals, medical devices and patterns of health care. 

A long-time San Francisco Bay Area resident, Iver embodies a practical understanding of how to use data and collaborations to address the metrics and drivers of health and healthcare value.