Make healthcare digital

In the digital age, inefficiency is a choice. We imbue healthcare organizations with our interoperable, HIPAA-compliant workflow management platform and advanced informatics so everyone can focus on optimizing care delivery instead of keeping up with error-prone clerical tasks.
Increase patient visits by 30% without hiring new staff or investing in costly IT resources.

How it works in mobile phlebotomy

Our turn-key, HIPAA compliant platform allows your clinical lab to modernize quickly without investing in additional IT resources for development and maintenance. Treat more patients while increasing employee and customer satisfaction.

Serve more patients with less effort

TeloPoint's MobileCare platform allows dispatch to assign routes and your mobile workforce to perform draws more quickly and efficiently, resulting in more tests completed without adding personnel.

Know what’s happening at all times

See where every mobile agent is and the status of their visits. Your workforce can focus on patients when you’re not calling them for updates. Keep your clients in the loop with historical, live, or future visits

Send critical information and receive payments faster

With streamlined workflows, error reduction at every step, and intelligent billing, your team can deliver important information in near real-time and receive payment faster, all while reducing unnecessary and un-billable work

Improve HIPAA compliance

TeloPoint hosts all applications and data on our blockchained digital infrastructure, backed by HIPAA-compliant standards of security and governance, so you can focus on your work knowing your PHI is secure and searchable
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How it works in

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