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Jon Brilliant
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Jon Brilliant

A serial entrepreneur with deep experience in operating and investing in the healthcare space over the past 15 years, Mr. Brilliant was part of the founding team and CFO two pioneering healthcare technology companies - WellDoc and Bigfoot Biomedical, helping each develop their unique disruptive business models and collectively raise of $100M.

Mr. Brilliant has been a venture capitalist with his own fund (Atelier), a large European fund (Syntek Capital) and a London-based individual (former owner of Harrods).  Mr. Brilliant has evaluated hundreds of business plans from start-ups to $100M+ in revenue, invested $100M+, raised billions of dollars in the public and private markets and even helped restructure the debt of a sovereign country. Mr. Brilliant has previously had operating roles in the healthcare industry (SPEAR Physical Therapy and Wright Medical), the automobile industry (JM Family) and the retail industry (Harrods). Along the way, Mr. Brilliant has served on the board of directors of over 15 companies ranging from startups to over $500M in revenue.

Mr. Brilliant holds degrees from The Pennsylvania State University and Duke University.